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BUCS Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Updated: May 27, 2022

It's taken a while, but here's the race report from BUCS Sprint Tri!

After the coach performed some Italian-job-esque manoeuvres, we eventually made it to Westonbirt House! George and Aaron were the first up, who caused absolute havoc in their swimming lane. George forgot how goggles worked, and Aaron put in a good stint as a safety car. George led from the swim, but Aaron breezed past on the bike and kept the lead until the finish. Aaron and George both over the moon with their times, and thankful to make it to the start line!

Next up were Oliver and James who were also in the same wave. With 1 second separating them at swim exit, it was all to play for. James took the advantage on the bike and sailed home with a rapid 5k time. Oliver got on the drops and minimised the gap to James and secured the medal with a consistently paced run. All smiles at the finish line from both athletes.

Jan set off next, looking great in the tri suit I might add. Very solid race all round from Jan, with the ever-growing Warwick cheer team at the side lines doing their best to out-do Birmingham’s mic and speaker. Although for a while after the race some would argue that Jan never finished?!?!

Equipped with the club TT helmet, Josh was next. A firm believer in a lengthy warmup, Josh had already seen the (low) bar set by George on the bike as he cheered him on whilst getting warm; easily beatable he thought. And so he did! Sadly, the gap back to George was too large f

or it to be the result of the marginal gains from the helmet.

All was quiet for a good 20 minutes….until we spotted a beautiful Bianchi absolutely PLUMMETING down the driveway of Westonbirt House. Who could it be? Would they survive the speed bumps? What about the cattle grids? With complete disregard for the warnings from marshals, Ben sent it into T2. A smooth transition from Ben followed, backed up by a stylish run in the sunnies.

Our club winner Ollie was next. Multi-talented I must say, working as a marshal in the morning and competing in the afternoon. Some even claim he could build a zip wire if he wanted. A man on a mission, one goal in mind, got the job done on the bike and sped round the run course. A favourite of the organisers, I might add.

Finally, was Thomas. For a while we thought we lost Thomas from the swim, until he flew past into T1 with his wave. Looking very aero on the bike, a quick T2, and a well paced 5k to finish off the day. Most importantly, Thomas secured the club podium with a 20 second gap back to Ben. A well fought battle, with both athletes shaking hands at the end of the day.

The coach journey home was uneventful, although lovely bike packing from George and Ben on the outwards and return journey clearly impressed the coach driver Scott.

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