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Busy Weekend Racing!

Updated: May 27, 2022

OH MY! Another weekend and another host of race results to talk about! It’s so great to see all the racing and results from members of the club!

Starting off, Laura tackled ANOTHER marathon. With an interesting format last year due to covid, she had to return to White Peak Marathon to get the job done in person. A 12 minute PB and 2nd Lady is definitely the way to do it!

Moving over to BUCS Road Race, both Tasha and Olly took to the road. Doing their best in the sea of Loughborough riders, both made it out alive, with Tasha coming home in an amazing 6th and Olly emptying the tank to put out some impressive numbers.

Closer to home we had Oliver out at Coventry Sprint Triathlon, stretching the legs after BUCS Sprint. Dan, Charlie and Josh made an appearance at Banbury Star, all wearing different jerseys at least 2 were club jerseys! Dan the club favourite going into the race finished 4th overall, with Charlie in the top 20.

That's it! Best of luck all those still exam-ing. Stay tuned for posts about a club 10m TT running week 7 and our bank holiday social plans!

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