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University of Birmingham Aquathlon 2022

Updated: May 27, 2022

Another year and another University of Birmingham Aquathlon! Well done to Oliver, Laura and George who competed. See below for the race report!

A solid effort from the trio, with George and Laura having no idea they’d see Oliver competing until they did, and when they did, Oliver went and finished third overall!

George the first to swim, or at least try to, managing to re-overtake the 50 year old who’d put him in his place, all to be overtaken by him again on the run.

Laura delivered a blistering swim despite being held up, and backed it up with a great 5k. George did try to video Laura as she ran, but in all the excitement ended up recording the floor :/ (Footage available upon request).

After having to wait a while for his wave, Oliver set off and was one of the first out of the swim. He opted for a quick transition unlike the Warwick athletes before him, and was almost done with the run by the time George and Laura had grabbed some food.

Overall a great day at Birmingham, lovely event organised by a great team of people. Looking forward to going next year!

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