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BUCS Standard Triathlon

It was a long journey to Norwich for the final BUCS event of the year, with many looking to complete their first Olympic distance triathlon. We were joined by some excellent spectators in Dan and Lucy providing fantastic updates on the club Instagram throughout the day. The sun was out, making for an extra challenge with the high temperature. With all the bikes racked and ready in transition, it was announced that the water was a toasty 24°C meaning no wetsuits for the swim.

Jan was doing his best to keep spirits high with some pre-race circling, gathering some odd looks from the other competitors. The race had a mass start with the men’s wave going first followed by the women 10 mins later. With well over 100 swimmers starting at once, all did well to make it through the initial pandemonium with only a few scrapes and scratches.

First to complete the 1500m swim was Thomas who emerged in a good position and despite losing a shoe in transition made it out onto the bike. Next came Jan about a minute later who had a rapid T1 which would make even Albert proud. Then came a flurry of Warwick triathletes with Matt, Josh, Ollie and Jonno running into T1 in quick succession. Impressively it was to be Katie to finish the swim next having caught many of the men’s wave with Aaron hot on her heels. I think Lewis surprised even himself with his swim time, despite not managing to find any shortcuts this time, as he and then Dan rounded out the Warwick contingent out of the water both having massively improved over the term, Thursday swims clearly helping.

Out on the bike a fast course provided many exceptional times for the 38km. Jonno was speeding round, quickly making up many places and providing the fastest bike split from the team. Jan completed a late overtake on Thomas to be the first from Warwick into T2, some say they could still hear some sexy roman numerals out on the course. With Lewis, Dan and Aaron in their preferred discipline they were able to come through the field strong. All safely made their way round managing to dodge any mechanicals or incidents to start the 10km run.

Thomas quickly resumed his place as top Warwick on the run and made several overtakes to smash his time from last year’s event. Jan and Jonno managed a strong pace on the run despite high temperatures, which took out many a triathlete, to give arguably their strongest BUCS races at their final one. Unfortunately, after having a quick swim and bike, a pre-race injury reared its head meaning Matt was unable to complete the run. A nice stroll round the lake was certainly a good choice instead. Illness prevented Josh from reaching heights of previous performances, but a gutsy run got him home to complete a solid race. Ollie and Aaron were soon to follow giving it their all in their final BUCS event; they will be dearly missed next year. A calf injury for Katie proved a challenge but no amount of pain was going to stop her from completing the race and finishing well into the top half at that. It wasn’t long till Dan came through the finish to complete his first Olympic distance race. Then came the discussion of the elusive Lewis with Dan providing some insight in seeing him most recently battling with cramp. Before too long however we could see him powering down the finish straight to many a cheer, attributing his mental fortitude to an absent Theo.

With that we had all over the line and it was time to make the long trip back to campus. A stop halfway was very much needed however with Josh’s bargain bucket a highlight. Not getting on the podium has its benefits as we firmly beat Loughborough to the front of the queues, ensuring first dibs on the nuggets.

With all bikes off the coach, that marked the end of a great year for the club with so much growth as evidenced by the huge turnouts at BUCS events. Thanks to all who came and congratulations on so many standout performances, especially for those completing their first event of this distance. Thanks also to Dan and Lucy for providing some much-appreciated support out on the course. Have a great summer everyone!

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