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Local Routes

If you're new to the area or you're in need of some ideas for rides, look here for a few of our routes. You may see some of these being used for club rides but feel free to download them (or star on strava) and have a go yourself! We have colour coded  the routes by distance: Green are shortest, then blue and red is the longest. To view the routes in strava, just click on the picture of each route, there you can export to gpx if you prefer that format.

Wednesday Route

Distance: 30 miles / 48 km

Climbing: 360m

Description: Our regular Wednesday route. Join us at 14:30 on a Wednesday at NAIC and see for yourself. Quite a fast route, good for doing some flat efforts too!


Social Route

Distance: 24 miles / 39 km

Climbing: 360m

Description: A typical summer social ride route, complete with a pub. This route includes some bike paths and small lanes, a good choice if you don't like being on the busier roads.



Distance: 26 miles / 41 km

Climbing: 430m

Description: This route heads east unlike lots of the club rides. The roads out here can be windy but once you leave the Coventry area are very nice and can be quiet too. If your bike can manage, then you could even try out the disused railway.



Distance: 19 miles / 31 km

Climbing: 250m

Description: Don't have a lot of time? Try this out. Follow the familiar roads of the Wednesday club ride before turning off and visiting some of the villages north of the university.


Long Itchington

Distance: 23 miles / 37 km

Climbing: 350m

Description: Another route with slightly quieter roads. A nice one to do if there's an easterly wind to carry you home.



Distance: 46 miles / 74 km

Climbing: 710m

Description: This route takes a loop around Leamington but avoids the busier roads, worth stopping at the garden shed cafe in Wellesbourne or Hatton cafe whilst you're out.


Priors Marston

Distance: 41 miles / 66 km

Climbing: 600m

Description: A longer version of the Long Itchington route above, an opportunity to see the (underwhelming) views at Napton and the quiter roads near Flecknoe.



Distance: 42 miles / 68 km

Climbing: 700m

Description: Try out 'The Farm Stratford upon Avon' for a cafe stop near Snitterfield or add on a little extra and see Stratford itself, be aware that it can get busy on the weekends in the town centre.


Burton Dassett

Distance: 48 miles / 77 km

Climbing: 750m

Description: Up for a hill? Try Burton Dassett Country Park on this route. It's not particularly long but can get steep in parts, watch out for the sheep.


St Kenelm's Pass

Distance: 72 miles / 116 km

Climbing: 1400m

Description: HILLY. Have a go at some of the Lickey Hills, Winwood Heath Lane (ouch) and St Kenelm's Pass. Maybe take a short detour to Wedges cafe on the way back?


Chipping Campden

Distance: 72 miles / 115 km

Climbing: 1280m

Description: Venture down to the cotswolds and over some hills, Chipping Campden is worth the trip down on a sunny day. Option to stop at the Bantam Tea Rooms.



Distance: 55 miles / 88 km

Climbing: 900m

Description: Journey out to Hillers cafe on a weekend and you're likely to see some other cyclists, (or even more likely a lot of old people). A nice route, unless you get stuck at the side of the road for an hour in January (don't ask).


Bushcombe Lane

Distance: 98 miles / 158 km

Climbing: 1440m

Description: Bushcombe Lane is probably the hardest hill that you can reach from Campus. A summer classic ride.

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